About Us

Created by the team behind Bada Hair Salon, Kantik is a ladies-exclusive luxury beauty hideaway tucked in the corners of Mandarin Gallery in Singapore.

Derived from the Malay word “cantik” meaning beautiful, Kantik Room aims to be the the premier holistic beauty lounge on the island, offering a select array of hair and beauty services using the finest all-natural professional care products flown straight from Japan.

Our Mission

is to bring beauty solutions to women with internationally certified organic, natural and vegan/halal products. We fully commit to using only cosmetic practices that attend to our clients’ well-being without compromising effectivity to meet the high beauty standards of our clientele.

Our vision

is to be the pioneer in clean luxurious beauty in the island’s salon industry. Our services and treatments were carefully curated to deliver the perfect balance of superior-quality formulations combined with the world-class skill level of our in-house beauty experts.



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Vegan, Halal, Organic Beauty

With our holistic approach centered around a predominantly vegan service menu, Kantik provides a clean beauty haven that accommodates all lifestyles of all women with different beliefs and cultures. The concoction of top-quality vegan, halal and organic ingredients in Kantik beauty products of choice will make every client feel safe in every aspect of their pamper session.