Close to 2 decades in the industry, Dila is not only a highly experienced hair Director, she also had years of managerial and tutoring experience with a few widely known brands in Asia Pacific regions prior to joining Badahair Singapore. This speaks a lot about her trend awareness, product knowledge as well as hands-on skill when it comes to servicing her client's hair.Being a Muslim herself, she has garnered quite a huge following of Muslimah clients because of her understanding of their needs and parameters when they are in for a hairstyle change.



After earning her diploma in Japan, Carmen rose to prominance as the winner of the Shiseido Michigan competition. Today, with 14 years of experience Carmen has mastered a wide array of skills and has served as the hair coach of Amber Chia, Airasia Academy and the official stylist for Astro AECAs her stylist, Carmen champions the idea of creating and developing attractive and unique haircuts that are low maintenance so as to best suit the lifestyles of her cilentele.Carmen's inspiration as a stylist comes from taking a seemingly ordinary look and enhancing it with shape, texture, colour and styling to make ordinary hair extraordinary.

Haircut, bayalage, colour balancing highlights, men's perm, rebonding.

Day-Off: Wednesdays


Senior Stylist

Creme, Senior Hairstylist at Bada Hair Salon has 20 years of experience under her belt in the beauty industry. Amongst her many accolades she has won the prestigious Hoyu Color Gold award in Japan.With years of professional experience in Private Events and Magazine shoots. Creme is a highly demanded individual utilising her refined skills in hair styling and beauty make up to capture beauty in a sublime manner. Creme’s specialty lies in Hair Contouring & Styling paired with her high sensitivity in styling meticulous color and texture detailing. Creme has pledge to elevate every client's experience and hairstyle to perfection.

Hair Contouring, Hair Colour, Styling

Sundays and Mondays